Dog Coats

We love our pets as if they are furry, family members. However, they have very different physical needs than we do. To many of our canine friends sleeves, turtlenecks, hoods and pantlegs feel similar to a straight jacket.  This limits their mobility and comfort level when they need to "do their business". Leaving both the dog and the owner frustrated and unhappy. Our veterinarian approved design makes our coats comfortable. Adjustable velcro closures on the chest and neck allows you to adjust for the many breeds and ribcage widths. This will make for the best fit for YOUR pet. Our neck closure lets the collar and tags remain unobstructed while giving access for leashes and dog-runs. The chest belt fits directly behind their front legs, keeping the belt away from their back end. This design provides warmth without impeding elimination. SEE PHOTOS BELOW FOR PERFECT MEASURMENTS.


To find the right size coat for your dog, you will need to measure along their back from the collar to the base of the tail. In the photo above, this dog measures @ 12" and would wear a medium. To adjust the length you simply adjust the neck closure. The ability to add or subtract from the length will give you a great fit, with the coat ending @1-3" from the base of the tail.


See some of our great customer photos on our PHOTO GALLERY page


Measure for the chest belt around the ribcage, directly behind the front legs. This is usually where the chest is the widest.



  •  Small  8"- 11" long,    11"- 15" chest   (Toys, Chihuahuas,Teacups, etc)     $10.00
  • MEDIUM 12"-15" long,   15"-19" chest   (Mini-dachs, Schnauzer, Yorkies) $15.00  
  • LARGE 16"-21"  long,    20"-26" chest    (Small Beagles, Bassett Hounds or bulldogs) $22.00
  • X-LARGE  21"-28" long,    26"-35" chest   (Pit bull, Boxer, Small Labs & Retrievers) $28.00 
  •  XX-Larger 24"-30"long, 32"-39" chest  (Labs, Shepherds. etc) $33.00 
  • LARGER SIZES AVAILABLE AS CUSTOM ORDER  $45 AND UP. Please contact us directly for  ALL CUSTOM SIZE orders.