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Testimonials and Customer photos                     

See what our customers have to say about Fargo FleeceLLC products:

Please see the comments and photos from our happy customers.
Send us your pet or family photo with Fargo Fleece products to fargofleece@wowway.com  or post directly on Facebook.
We are very proud of all our hand-made products and would love to share
your great photos and reviews!

This is my dog Diamond. She is a 15 y/o Mini Dachsh/Chihua (medium). She is long, but barrel chested. I started this company because I could never find store-bought products that fit her properly.  Yes, I know she's spoiled but I love her. Plus she looks so sassy in her leopard print with festive Santa hat!

This is my other dog Missy. She is a Mini Dachsh. She wears a Medium and LOVES her Fargo Fleece Pet Beds. Also a HUGE Cleveland Browns fan.

Gunner is working his new Browns Coat (Large)! Thank you Christine.
The biggest coat we've ever made. He looks great!

This custom fit coat is perfect. Thank you for coming to Woolly Bear Fest.

We met these cat-loving ladies at Avon Heritage/Duct Tape Fest 2015

Bomer loves to snuggle on his new bed.

Even though we live in Texas, our Ginger still get cold at night. She is so happy with her new coat (Large).
Lori C, Fort Worth TX


The guy in the middle is saying "Hey, what about my cute 
 little face?!"

             Coat (Medium) fits Great!
                      Beth, Strongsville

Killer goes everywhere with his new leash, Love it.
Roberta P
Snookie is snuggled in her new OSU print.

Looking Springy

Herbie is sporting his new Indians coat (medium)

Jack is happy to be warm at Duct Tape Festival 2014. (Medium size)

Mattie loves his new coat(Greyhound XL).
Kevin- Lakewood

Socks is so happy Brutus has his own bed and she doesn't have to share.
Tina C. Amherst, Ohio
Brutus and Harley love taking walks together and their new splitter has made it so much easier to do it. We love it.
Tina C.  Amherst

Lucky won't let me take off his new coat (XL Custom fit). I think he may keep it on in the house!! Thanks Fargo Fleece.Leslie and Shawn T.

Sadie and Jaida in the their coats (Mediums) from the Safe Harbor Event. Thank you Merideth for the great photo.

Casey loves his new coat (Large). Thank you Fargo Fleece.
Vickie R. Elyria, Ohio

Mac's coat (Medium) arrived yesterday and we love it! He was sporty and warm!
Tracy W. Boston Mass
NOTE: Although we do not stock all teams, we are able to order most professional and college teams (additional fees may apply).Please contact us about your favorite team.

Big thanks from Rocco he loves his new sweater. (Basset mix, Large coat)
My little Buddy (Yorkie-Poo)hates this cold weather! Your fleece jacket (medium) allows him to do his business in warmth! He wears it in the house on cold days like a "snuggie" and goes out instead of having accidents in the house!! A+! Thanks! Go Browns!
Lisa C.

Blue and Sasha (4 y/o Black Labs) are @90 lbs each and very strong. This Splitter enables me to handle them both by myself with only one leash. Great idea and great product.. Thank you
Lori C. -North Olmsted
This cute little guy is Diesel. He got his new Handwoven Paracord leash at Woolly Bear Fest. Light enough for puppies, strong enough to transition to adult dog.

Hi! I promised I would send you the pictures of my Turkish Angora Kitties as soon as they became settled with their new beds you made them.
They love them.  
Cathy D.
My dog, Rudy is ready for the "dawg pound" with his brand new bed and coat from Heritage Days in Olmsted Falls.  Thank you for a wonderful product :)
-Katy M.

Splitters are great for small dogs too. Very light-weight so they can walk without dragging or tangling.

Here is the picture of our Duke (Jack Russel) in his perfect coat (custom-fit Large).  He looks so good with it on. Thanks so much for sending it to me so soon.  Duke just loves it, and he really liked the bone you sent too. Good luck and Thanks again
Anita G. Lorain, Ohio


Hi there. I met you yesterday at the Midpark Craft Show and I just wanted to show you how much my Phoebe (mini Dasch) loves her fleece (Medium)! She has had it on since last night...and was so excited that I bought her something new, she stood up on her hind legs for me to attach it! :-) Thank you so much for this creative idea.
Gina, Middleburg Hts, Ohio

     Hi. She loves your coats (XL)!! She likes to be cozy.
      Kim (Jiggy is a doberman)

Daisy (pit bull) showed off her new purple leash at the Vermillion Festival of Fishes. Her owner chose the 3 foot length and she loves it.

Angus (Shitzhu puppy) got a new leash and snuggled up on our pet beds at the Akron Pet Expo. Very adorable!

These are my long time customer's, Barb F.s little
ones in their custom-fit coats.    

Quincy(Beagle) is loving his new coat(large)!
Brittney D., Sheffield Lake, Ohio

Thought you might like to see your handiwork. Sabrina(Boxer) loves her Christmas coat (Large).
Barb M. Parma, Ohio
Hank and Abe look great in their new shirts that look like their Sampson.
Sean is fierce in his new husky shirt.


  I love these photos of 
 Ansel and Owen in their 
  new shirts. Thank you
  Sarah for the great pics.


This is (most of) the Carey Family. They are going to need their own photo page soon. Thank you Tina for all the great photos and trusting us to take care of your fur-babies.

Chex is loving his new leash. Bethani S. North Olmsted

Elsa is so comfy. Thank you.

Moe loves his new coat (XL). Thank you
Denise M.

Delaney is so warm. Thank you Fargo Fleece.
Joy, North Ridgeville

Gemma says Thank You for her new coat. (custom-fit)
Abbe M.

The coats (custom fit) are the perfect fit. Thank you.
Betty P.

 Maui's new 3 foot leash is perfect. Thank you.
Laura -Brooklyn, OH

Lucky modeling his new custom coat. He love it. Thank you.
Connie S.

Some happy customers with new leashes and splitters from NEO Dachshund Picnic 2014.

My favorite Doxie family.

I call these guys the SummerFest Dudes. They look GREAT!

Brutus (Bearded Collie) loves his new coat (custom fit XL). He just came from the groomer and won't let me take it off of him. Thank you for such a great product.
Gary H., Columbia Station, Oh
Here is Riley in his new coat (custom fit XLarge). He looks great and is warm for the latest cold front.
Cindy D.
NOTE: Although we do not stock all teams, we are able to order most professional and college teams (additional fees may apply).Please contact us about your favorite team.

These are my two girls, Emma and Dixie in their coats (mediums) I bought from you at the Christmas show this year.  They love them.  I don't think they want me to take it off when we get back in from the cold.

You asked for a picture of Henry, the goldendoodle, who received your coat at Xmas (XL custom fit).  It fits beautifully and we all think he looks very handsome; love the pattern! Thanks again! 
Jan S. Rocky River, Ohio

This is Alexis and Max in their Custom fit coats. We were at the IX Center, Christmas Connection with ESGAO. Such a beautiful sweet souls. Please contact esgao.org for more info on adoption and fostering.

Here are River and Fog in their custom order coats. They are Greyhound rescues from the Erie Shore Greyhound Adoption of Ohio. Please contact ESGAO at 440-973-6412 or click on www.esgao.org for more info on adopting retired racing Greyhounds. They are beautiful and so sweet and loving.


Carly and Killer love their new Splitter and matching leash.
The length is perfect and it's so easy to handle them. Jewel is very happy and warm with her new zebra print coat(custom XL).
Roberta P, Willoughby, Oh

Reggie (Shorky) got his new coat (Medium) and matching leash today at Dazzle in Ashland. We love the adjustable coat- it fits perfect and he is so comfortable. Thank you for such great products!

 Here is our contest winner from Mentor City Fest!
Congrats, Phillip and Krystal S.  
Mario needed a custom-fit.  Thank you for the great fitting coat and all your help.
Cleveland, Ohio

Pebbles (medium), a long-haired mini dachsh, is the perfect model at the North East Ohio Dachshund Picnic in Kent this year. This event was SO MUCH FUN!!! Thank you to everyone that came to support the event. It was a blast.

My wife and I purchased one of your dog beds from your Fairview Day's booth a few weeks ago.. As you can see from the attached picture, Bowie loves it. He sleeps on it all the time. Great product!!
Lana & John, Fairview Park

This is newborn alpaca, Morning Dew Meadows (Large).  She was born in May and her owners needed something for her stay warm at night. Our large coat fit her perfectly and gave room for her to grow. She showed me that we are not just for dogs anymore! Love it!

Check out Taz (Puggle-custom fit Large) & Jagger (Snorky-Medium custom fit)! They look AWESOME!
Kim B. Elyria, Ohio

Here is Lucy (lab mix) in her new coat (XL). She loves it! Thank you for such quick service. I am sure I will be ordering more for her in the future.
Tiffany G. Wellington, Ohio

This Baby(poodle/cocker spaniel mix) in her new coat (LARGE). Thank you. She is so warm and happy and loves all the attention she gets from it,
Theresea, Westlake, Ohio

Here is Lucy (fox terrier) in the coat (Large) I got for her at the craft show. It is the perfect fit. Thank you.
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